Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Proposed Film List

Assuming that the lottery situation works out, here what I plan to see this year:

2:37 (Murali K. Thalluri)
7 Ans (Jean-Pascal Hattu)
10 Items or Less (Brad Silberling)
12:08 East of Bucharest (Corneliu Porumboiu)
Away From Her (Sarah Polley)
Belle toujours (Manoel de Oliveira)
The Bet Collector (Jeffrey Jeturian)
Big Bang Love, Juvenile A (Takashi Miike)
Black Book (Paul Verhoeven)
Bliss (Sheng Zhimin)
Bonneville (Christopher N. Rowley)
The Book of Revelation (Ana Kokkinos)
Borat (Larry Charles)
The Bothersome Man (Jens Lien)
Brand Upon the Brain! (Guy Maddin)
Cashback (Sean Ellis)
Chacun sa nuit (Jean-Marc Barr, Pascal Arnold)
Colossal Youth (Pedro Costa)
Daratt / Moekgo and the Stickfighter (Mahmat-Saleh Haroun)/(Teboho Mahlatsi)
Day Night Day Night (Julia Loktev)
D.O.A.P. (Gabriel Range)
Exiled (Johnnie To)
Falkenberg Farewell (Jesper Ganslandt)
The Fall (Tarsem)
Fantasmas (Lisandro Alonso)
Fay Grim (Hal Hartley)
Flanders (Bruno Dumont)
The Fountain (Darren Aronofsky)
Golden Door (Emanuele Crialese)
Grbavica (Jasmila Žbanić)
The Half Life of Timofey Berezin (Scott Z. Burns)
Hamaca Paraguaya (Paz Encina)
HANA (Hirokazu Kore-eda)
L' Homme de sa vie (Zabou Breitman)
The Host (Bong Joon-ho)
I Don't Want to Sleep Alone (Tsai Ming Liang)
Invisible Waves (Pen-ek Ratanaruang)
Lights in the Dusk (Aki Kaurismäki)
Little Children (Todd Field)
Nouvelle Chance (Anne Fontaine)
Nue Propriété (Joachim Lafosse)
Penelope (Mark Palansky)
Princess (Anders Morgenthaler)
Rain Dogs (Ho Yuhang)
Reprise (Joachim Trier)
Rescue Dawn (Werner Herzog)
S&MAN (JT Petty)
Severance (Christopher Smith)
Sheitan (Kim Chapiron)
STRIKE (Volker Schlondorff)
Summer '04 (Stefan Krohmer)
Summer Palace (Lou Ye)
Taxidermia (György Pálfi)
Ten Canoes (Rolf de Heer)
La Tourneuse de pages (Denis Dercourt)
Trapped Ashes (Various)
Wavelengths Program 2 (Various)
White Palms (Szabolcs Hajdu)

I am bummed that I couldn't slot in: Time / Zidane / The Banquet / The Fall / Dong / Red Road / Paris Je T'Aime / The Caiman / The Missing Star / After the Wedding /Glue - A Teenage Story in the Middle of Nowhere


Sutha said...
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Anonymous said...

What about Joe's latest, Syndromes and a Century?

Jeremy Heilman said...

I certainly want to see Syndromes... perhaps more than any other film playing @ TIFF this year... but I'll be seeing it at the New York Film Festival in October.

Martin Degrell said...

Hi Jeremy - will be very interesting to hear your thoughts on Falkenberg Farewell. Not only because it's Swedish or because it doesn't look like much else (even though comparisons to Malick, von Trier, Van Sant, Ming-liang and I vitelloni have been made), but because Jesper, the guy who made it, happens to be a good friend of mine, and we're all really excited about it getting screened at TIFF (and in Venice, this weekend).


Jeremy Heilman said...


I love Malick, von Trier, Van Sant, Tsai and Fellini, but I love them all in very different ways. It's pretty difficult to imagine a film that would warrant comparisons to the work of all five of them, but exciting nonetheless. The Venice reviews of FF I've seen were very strong.

At this point, I only hope the Toronto ticketing lottery cooperates with me. :)