Friday, September 01, 2006

Election (Johhny To)

Election (Johhny To) 63 - Hong Kong-based action director To takes a more contemplative approach this time out, downplaying the action (there's no gunplay at all) to focus on the power play that occurs as a new triad boss is selected. The process of election itself is finally seen as a token, much like the ceremonial baton which designates power. The complicity between the police and the triads is astutely observed. The film is slick and cynical, yet intellectual enough to recognize that although democracy might be a sham, it serves an organizing purpose. The series of twists at the end sets up the sequel perfectly. This is good stuff, even though I am less convinced than most that it's a return to form for its director (there was nothing wrong with his PTU or Breaking News).

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