Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lion's Den (Pablo Trapero) 64 [Extremely well-shot woman-in-prison film... Interesting mostly in how Trapero eschews the predictable pleasures of that genre, always opting for introspection and diffusion over dramatic force. The key scene might well be the prison riot, in which we focus less on the raging prisoners than on the meeting with the warden that argues for emotional control. It feels strongly like a companion piece to El Bonarense. I do wish it weren't so actively distancing, all the time...]

Tokyo (Gondry/Carax/Bong) 54/50/36 [Disappointing, especially given the sources... Gondry's short is well-observed, but slight. Carax's is an overextended rude joke. Bong's is basically a total wash, despite being pretty to look at. Significantly, this is no Paris je'taime...each of the segments here far weirder than any short included there...]

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