Saturday, September 15, 2007

Prize Winners

L'Amour cache (Alessandro Capone) 20

Mutum (Sandra Kogut) 59

XXY (Lucia Puenzo) 41

Festival prize-winners:

Audience Award - Eastern Promises (which contains the best scene in any film I've seen at the festival this year)
Runners-up: Juno (ridiculous) & Body of War

Best Canadian Film - My Winnipeg

Award for Artistic Innovation - Encarnacion (Rather inexplicable, as this is little more than a sensitive soap opera)

FIPRESCI Award - La Zona

Discovery Award - Cochochi

For the record, my personal choice for Best Film is Cassandra's Dream, and the best performance I've seen at the festival this year is Anna Faris' turn in Smiley Face.


RBurton said...

Fuck that festival. Fuck that country. Fuck everything. I am so glad it's over.

RBurton said...

For the record, I'm checking for updates regularly. Every time you don't post I assume you are serving Michael Moore food.