Sunday, September 11, 2005

Hell (L'Enfer) (Danis Tanovic)

Hell (L'Enfer) (Danis Tanovic) 34 - Shouldn't this have been Purgatory (of Kieslowski's projected trilogy of Heaven / Hell / Purgatory), given that most of its characters are stuck in a cycle of repeated self-torture, which eventually is lessened by a revelation? No matter, really, since it's such a resolutely stupid movie. Man-hating to the point of absurdity, it seems to leave plausibility behind in an attempt to be more fable-like, despite the fact that it claims classical tragedy is impossible in our modern, Godless society. Leaden symbolism clogs up the works and absurd plotting is meant to be excused when the film not only professes to be about some sort of hokum like coincidence or destiny, but also has a college professor explain the difference between the two! It's rather telling that the footage of birds in the opening credits delivers a more interesting psychodrama than what follows.

At least Emmanuelle Beart is solid...

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LenKa said...

May I? I absolutely disagree with your way too strong opinion! This film is perfect; brilliantly presented & played; with obvious piety to the Great Pole (& direct references to his films, like Decalogue 2). It's a beautiful & intelligent puzzle-box; everything is in its place - from Medea myth to Jean Rochefort's cameos.
Maybe, you should watch it over again - & not from "humiliated men" angle?