Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Revolver (Guy Ritchie)

Revolver (Guy Ritchie) 47 – Run for the hills! Guy Ritchie has tried to make an art film!

This one gets excruciatingly bad in its last twenty minutes or so, as this essentially mindless movie tries to play mind games with its audience, but before that it’s enough of a typically entertaining Guy Ritchie film to still be somewhat redeemed. The director’s bold visual style turns this tale of a drug deal gone wrong into a ridiculously operatic, frequently funny series of skits featuring character actors that gladly chew the scenery for us.

Featuring Jason Statham once again, it finds Ritchie on familiar ground, and on a scene-by-scene basis, it does work well enough. The script, taken as a whole, is indisputably awful, though. It’s a puzzle movie with a few missing pieces. That doesn’t mean that one should ignore its strong compositional sensibility or fail to savor its winking tough-guy attitude. I’m sure I’m foolishly overrating this one as a whole (goodness, does it ever get bad...!), but I can’t help but take into account the amount of sporadic fun that I had with it. It probably helps that I can't follow the plots in heist movies half the time, even when I'm assured that they do make sense.

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