Friday, September 09, 2005

One Interesting Change...

After leaving my first film of the fest (50 Ways to Say Fabulous, which wasn't), I was surprised to see that the festival has adopted a new way of voting on the Audience Award:

Now you get to vote for every film that you see, which makes more sense than the old system, where you could only nominate one film for the whole fest.

The Tribeca Fest uses this same system, and it's pretty satisfying to give something you hated a "1" or something you loved a "5" as you angrily / elatedly leave the theater. It's instant gratification that can't be denied.

Of course something like Whale Rider has won the audience at both fests, under the different systems, so it probably won't result in a dramatically different winner, but at least this way seems more fair.

Someone, please print me a few hundred of these, and I'll see what I can do about getting Drawing Restraint 9 the audience award. :)


Chris said...

These confused me and I didn't take the time to look them over. However I did notice that the two films I saw tonigth had differen't colour ballots so that might be something they are doing to try and prevent ballot stuffing? Of course, how many colors can there be?

See what I had to say about 50 Ways @ I always feel bad when I'm not 100% positive on things.

Jeremy Heilman said...

Good to see we both hated that oboe... I don't know what they were going for with that.