Wednesday, September 07, 2005

More TIFF Links

baaab's insanity

Doug Cummings at

Mike D'Angelo's The Man Who Viewed Too Much

Steve Erickson's Chronicle of a Passion

Darren Hughes' Long Pauses

Victor Morton, Rightwing film geek

Charles Odell's Chateau Du Cinema

Dan Sallitt is reporting on the fest for Senses of Cinema.

Michael Sicinski is The Academic Hack

I didn't realize Scott Tobias was TIFFing this year until I ran into him there.

GreenCine Daily is bound to have a few more worthwhile links.

Edited to add:

Chris Nolan's TIFF Blog

Mathew's Film Festival Journal

Sean P. Kelly on Movies


The GATE Festival Blog


Movie City News' Festival Blog

Jeffrey Wells' Hollywood Elsewhere

If I've missed anyone, let me know...


Chris said...

I'll be posting @

Mathew Englander has a list of others as well @

Lee Walker said...

Some freak is blogging from here:

But there's no reason why this would interest anyone other than extreme sadists.

Hurt me baby!

Richard said...

My TIFF blog is at